extreme close-up


life and nothing more/and life goes on (va zendegi edame darad)

A middle-aged film director (the director Abbas Kiarostami's alter ego) travels with his young son Puya to the earthquake-hit village of Koker in Iran where he hopes to find the young Ahmadpour brothers, the lead actors of his earlier film Where is the Friend's House? The film is an exploration of the human spirit for survival and even to enjoy life in the face of a natural disaster. We meet people who lost their houses in the earthquake and forced to live in tents trying to setup a television antenna to catch the World Cup football match, a couple who decided to get married the day after the earthquake to avoid waiting for the long mourning period for many dead relatives to be over. Through the reflections of old man Ruhi (another amateur actor from the earlier film) and Puya, Kiarostami reveals a life-affirming rationalization for why life must go on.

Though shot in a cinema verité style, apparently all the shots were blocked and dialogues written.

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